PyToolz API Documentation

Toolz provides a set of utility functions for iterators, functions, and dictionaries. These functions interoperate well and form the building blocks of common data analytic operations. They extend the standard libraries itertools and functools and borrow heavily from the standard libraries of contemporary functional languages.

Toolz provides a suite of functions which have the following functional virtues:

  • Composable: They interoperate due to their use of core data structures.
  • Pure: They don’t change their inputs or rely on external state.
  • Lazy: They don’t run until absolutely necessary, allowing them to support large streaming data sets.

Toolz functions are pragmatic. They understand that most programmers have deadlines.

  • Low Tech: They’re just functions, no syntax or magic tricks to learn
  • Tuned: They’re profiled and optimized
  • Serializable: They support common solutions for parallel computing

This gives developers the power to write powerful programs to solve complex problems with relatively simple code. This code can be easy to understand without sacrificing performance. Toolz enables this approach, commonly associated with functional programming, within a natural Pythonic style suitable for most developers.

BSD licensed source code is available at .